The core purpose of technology has been to propel mankind forward and assist it in making new advancements as well as pushing the limits of scientific discovery. Most of these advancements have been primarily to increase the standards of living while also unlocking new horizons for humanity to excel in. These advancements range from everything between the discovery of the telephone to artificial intelligence. With every step technology has taken further it has allowed us to take ten. Such has been the case with automation as well.

Automation or more commonly referred to as automatic control is the use of control systems and technology to automate or execute processes with reduced human intervention. This not only saves a lot of manpower and time but also adds a degree of precision to the entire process as well. Minute details such as temperature or steering and stabilizing of aircrafts benefits hugely from computers taking over. The processes themselves can still be overseen and directly controlled by the human interface in case the need be but it is mostly left to the computer. While automation may seem like a revolution that only environments or systems like factories and manufacturing plants have taken advantage of, that is not the case. Automation has been applied to almost every scope and field and the results have been remarkably positive.

One such arena in which automation has excelled and made quite a few waves is the automation of offices. Automation of offices in all departments has led to higher production rates and an increase in productivity, more efficient use of resources as well as enhanced product quality, reduction of safety risks and less workload on the human capital. Automation of offices alleviated personnel of so many trivial tasks that a spike in productivity was observed unlike any before. Automation in offices was broken in by revamping the current system in various phases.

Communication and Coordination

Employees found it extremely tedious to sifle through tons of emails offering no such important information only to realize that they have wasted valuable time that could have been spent on something productive instead. By automating the email cycle, bots can now mark emails and filter them based on their priority; extract useful information and then push or publish them respectively. Apart from that, the ability to decipher queries and appropriately send auto-generated replies based on the FAQ section or AI decision making saves up a lot of time. These automated responses provide customers new and old with the information they are seeking at easily a fraction of the cost and you relieve a person of this duty to go contribute to something important. In an office environment like a medical facility, patients can sign in and register themselves automatically based on free slots. This will also generate a confirmation email with their appointment details to them while also wishing them good luck. This not only speeds up the process and frees up hands, but also serves as goodwill for the client as they are responded to with greater speed and accuracy. Similarly, they can check their progress online on the automated system as well get their billing details. Some automated systems may even allow them to pay their dues online.

Relieves Workforce

As mentioned earlier, the prime concern of automating any office is to spare up workforce and have them do more important tasks. By relieving them of trivial and taxing duties such as email and documentation, they are more motivated and happy to get to their actual work such as auditing or billing or if it is a creative process that needs their complete attention and energy. With the automated system catering to the customer’s queries and requests, your personnel can get to work on what they really want to do and this not only increases productivity but also upholsters morale in an office environment. With the system performing its duties with utmost efficiency, it reduces the time and cost of work and your resource usage is intelligently managed and taken care of. With automating an office or any workplace, you can improve every department such as reception, invoice, and coordination.

Automation truly is the way of the future and you can get your home or business automated today to reap the rewards of this marvel of a technological advancement.