E-COMMERCE for your business

what is e-commerce?

Selling over the Internet sounds easy. But how do you really sell successfully? You can earn the fast “$$$”,  or Euro, or you can be sustainably successful. You have a product that everyone wants to have or you have a product that is only interesting for a certain target group. So make sure you reach your target group !

how to sell sucessfully?

First clarify the questions, which products you would like to sell over the Internet. To whom do you want to sell ? What does your typical customer look like ? The advantages of selling online are obvious – you can reach many people, the marketplace is huge. But you have to ask yourself – how do you reach your target group ?
It is not enough just to place an ad on Facebook. You need a concept for a sustainable process to attract prospective customers and move them to buy on your site. When does a customer buy from you ? If he has confidence in your product or in your expertise.

how to build trust?

There are several ways to build trust. If you provide your prospective customer with valuable information again and again, he will appreciate it. If you give him the opportunity to test your product, he can convince himself of the quality and usefulness of your product. A money-back guarantee is just as effective. Think about a strategy, how you deal with your prospective customers.
Seldom does a customer buy at first contact. If you take the point of view of one of your prospective customers, then you can check the effect of your communication. Remember that it is more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain or develop an existing customer.