SOFTWARE CONSULTING for your business

make sure you find a good consultant

In many projects we have learned that the selection of the right software for the company’s processes is enormously important. It plays a decisive role in determining how the processes are implemented in the company and how the employees are more likely to be burdened or relieved with the processing.
We are independent from manufacturers and with our experience in projects for over 25 years we know the market and all current software products. If we don’t know something, we know someone who does, because we work together with other partner companies and constantly network.

how to find the right software?

Identify all business processes that occur in your organization. Also take a look at your processes “from the outside”. After some time, you will become operationally blind in your company and will have to break away from well-established processes in order to be able to develop new ideas or drive forward the optimisation of processes. A workshop with experts can be a great help for you. People who ask the right questions and give you hints for optimization possibilities. Or with their experience they can bring you new ideas.

After the process optimization, the demand is created and possible software products are identified via a selection process. It is important that the future software already maps a large part of the occurring processes in the standard. Do not try to implement everything immediately, but proceed step by step. You certainly know the Pareto principle: The last 20% of a 100% solution costs 80% of the project budget. First implement the most important processes in the company until they run smoothly and then take care of the remaining target points.